Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a field I work in so I’m always curious as to how people find my websites. Tonight I was quite impressed looking at the site statistics on the orangejack blog. Apparently if you do a google search for “hog georgia peanuts news hogzilla“, only 12 sites come up. I’m number 12.

I know this because someone did this search and visited my blog as a result.

So the lesson is if you can’t remember to search for “orangejack blog“, just search for “hog georgia peanuts news hogzilla”, and you’ll find me.

Cubicle Golf

We play Cubicle Golf on occasion in our office during lunch or after 5:00 when it’s pouring outside and no one want to go home. We’re in the midst of a double-elimination tourney and I won my first game this week in the losers bracket. Sigh…but at least I advanced!

So last night Patricia and I went to Play It Again Sports and I found a cheap but good putter. Picked up 4 cheap golf balls too. Set me back about $12. But now I’m ready to go!

So today I’ve been putting around the house.

Some in my office will read this and know I just got a putter. Well, I have a message for them…

I’m comin’ for you!


Saw Anchorman last night with my wife. It was just “okay” to me. I expected it to be silly, funny, and a bit crude (I’m realistic when seeing a Will Ferrell movie!). But it wasn’t as funny or silly as I thought.

Christina Applegate did a great job. I didn’t even recognize her at first.

I was impressed with Paul Rudd too. I didn’t realize he was “Mike” on Friends until my wife pointed that out to me. Nice to see him doing other roles…he was pretty good.

Even Fred Willard was his usual funny self.

But the guy who stole the show was Steve Carell. Man that guy is so funny! Seeing him in the movie made up for everything. He’s one of the funnier supporting comedians I’ve seen in a long time. Too bad the sitcom Come To Papa was cancelled…we won’t be seeing him every week on TV like I hoped (and the show wasn’t too bad).

Steve Carell rocks!

Cable Choices

I’m so glad this idea of buing cable channels individually is getting some traction. I’ve been wanting the ability to purchase cable packages or the channels I want for years. I hate the idea of paying $50 for 80 channels, 20 of which I actually watch! They could have a basic news package (Weather Channel, ESPN, FOX News), a movie package (HBO, AMC, Turner Movies), etc. I know they are afraid some channels will go belly-up because we won’t choose them. So package them with certain bundles.

What will probably happen is they’ll create packages so that you’ll end up having to purchase all 80 channels anyway for $80. But there will be some of us what would rather spend $40 for 50 channels if most of them are what we want!

But can we not call it cable “a la carte”? I hate that phrase. How about “Bundled Cable” or something like that?

Breaking News

Got this email last night…

—–Original Message—–
Sent: Wednesday, July 28, 2004 11:52 PM
To: BREAKINGNEWS Subscribers
Subject: FNC Alert


**Watch FOX News Channel or go to for more

Whew! I was hanging on the edge of my seat.

Smokey Gospel

The great Smokey Robinson is releasing a gospel album this summer. He has always been one of my favorites from Mowtown. Smokey Robinson and the Miracles…and now he understands that name in a whole new meaning. It’s like the group ABC once sang about him: “When Smokey sings I hear violins”. He’s just that good.

I hope his gospel sound doesn’t move too far from his mowton roots. That would be a great CD.