Cubicle Golf

We play Cubicle Golf on occasion in our office during lunch or after 5:00 when it’s pouring outside and no one want to go home. We’re in the midst of a double-elimination tourney and I won my first game this week in the losers bracket. Sigh…but at least I advanced!

So last night Patricia and I went to Play It Again Sports and I found a cheap but good putter. Picked up 4 cheap golf balls too. Set me back about $12. But now I’m ready to go!

So today I’ve been putting around the house.

Some in my office will read this and know I just got a putter. Well, I have a message for them…

I’m comin’ for you!

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  • “so today i’ve been putting around the house”….by far, one of the funniest sentences i’ve read in a long time.

    reminded me of a grandma. wearing a flowered mumu. watering plants with puffy pink curlers in her hair.

  • oh, and i just realized you linked to me!!!!!!

    i like feeling famous.

  • rob

    Karin, I’m glad somebody got it!