• I googled my name after reading this blog. My name is too common in English. So then I tried my maiden name ” Patricia Santiago”. It’s too common of a Spanish name. Oh well.

  • At “Karin Tome” i’m #3. With “Karin Tome Campus” i’m still #3. But, with “Karin Tome Campus Crusade” i’m up to #1! Thanks to my good friends at orangejack.com

    Thanks for making me feel famous. Every day.

  • rob

    Here at orangejack, we aim to please!

  • tom

    I wish someone would take care of this furniture guy named Tom Seely. When I google, Tom Seely, he gets 4 billion hits (or something like that) I show up on page 6 out of 46,700 hits. That’ll make you feel obscure.

    On the other hand, if I add Valerie in there, I jump to #1!! Also, I’m #1 for Campus Crusade Hungary. This has been generating some email traffic from people looking for ministry opportunities.

  • Given that the nature of blogging seems to be mostly about navel gazing (I just started one and have done no less myself), it only seems to follow that those who read or publish blogs would also Google themselves. So, of course, I’ve Googled myself. Andrew Careaga’s material on me is the only higher hit than my own compelling material on myself under “Jerry Hertzler”.

  • I think this is called “ego searching,” right? Yeah, I’ve done it before, but not recently … So I Googled my name this morning, and whadya know?! Although my name is also surprisingly common, apparently my blogging has boosted my Google rankings because it looks like I’m #1! Yee-haw! Thanks, Orangejack!