Okay, who knows their math well? I’m trying to figure out how much water ended up in my truck after the hurricane. Here’s the measurements of the triangle of water: 6.5 inches deep, 67 inches long, 54 inches wide.

So how many inches of rain did it catch? If you know, post the answer in the comment. I’m curious…and can’t remember the formulas.

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  • 101.12 gallons!

    multiply all the stuff, then google the conversion of cubic inches to gallons and multiply that number.

    at least that’s my guess. but what do i know…..i majored in philosophy.

  • I’m not a hard science kind of guy, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn express once. My guess is you got 6.5 inches of rain! I see Karin did the hard math for you already. My question is whether or not your truck was parked in the garage when it collected the rain.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve gotten two email replies to this question. First came from Singapore:

    Hi Rob,
    Greetings from Singapore! I was looking at your photos of our World HQ
    and noticed your question on water in your truck. Didn’t know how to post
    a comment there and so am replying here.
    Volume equals cross-sectional area times height.
    Cross-sectional area of triangle is half base times height (0.5×6.5×67)
    which is 217.75 sq inch.
    Therefore volume is (x 54) 11,758.5 cubic inch.
    I don’t know what that is in US Gallons. In Singapore we use the metric
    Half base times height is 0.5 x 16.51 cm x 170.18 cm equals 1,404.84 sq
    Volume is (x 137.16 cm) 192,687.3 cubic cm. Converting that using my Sony
    Clie (PDA) gets me 50.9 US Gal.
    Hope this helps.
    Now mind you, this is an estimate as it assumes the triangle is
    right-angled. Then again, I think you just wanted an estimate as it does
    not take into account the space taken up by the hump covering your back
    wheels (as you did not provide the dimensions there).
    You can of course tip your truck over into 51 gallon tanks and see if that
    is right.

  • Anonymous

    This email came from a friend back in South Carolina:

    The formula for the volume of a rectangle is L X W X D (where D = depth). Since it is a triangle you multiply this answer times ½ to get the cubic inches of water in the truck – 11,759 cu inches. However, to get the amount of rainfall you need to get the square inches of the truck bed length in inches X width in inches/ 144 equal square feet of water 1” deep. In this case you have 81.65 sq ft of water 1” deep. If the truck were 4 ft X 8 ft, you would have 32 square feet. 81.65 sq ft divided by 32 sq ft would mean there was 2.55 inches of rain. However, I expect your truck is small than this so the amount of rain was probably greater. One other issue, you did not mention whether the wheel wells protrude into the truck bed, which would reduce the actual amount of space being taken up by the water. Now that you know this, I hope you will be able to sleep better. J Also, did I mention that I think this is correct – I could be wrong.

    Glad you are okay.