Not I, now i

I’ve always wondered why the word “internet” was normally capitalized. Wired News decided today to always use a lowercase “i”.

A quote from the article:

But in the case of internet, web and net, a change in our house style was necessary to put into perspective what the internet is: another medium for delivering and receiving information. That it transformed human communication is beyond dispute. But no more so than moveable type did in its day. Or the radio. Or television.

I agree…or should I say, i agree?

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  • Sounds like a nefarious plot for Wired to sell more copies of its stylebook, Wired Style. My ancient, 1999 edition says of Internet (with the big “I”): “Always initial capped, it is preceded by the unless being used as a modifier (as in Internet Service Provider). Don’t say ‘on Internet.’ The Net (also initial capped) is synonymous with the Internet, though slightly more figurative.”

    But all that is old school now, anyway.