Taking a Break, Granddad

Today would have been Granddad’s 84th birthday. My uncle blogged about him today. It’s very good, and I ask you to read it.

He’d be proud of how everyone is helping each other out down here getting ready for Hurricane Frances. I can’t think about Brer Rabbit without remembering sitting in his lap while he sat in his green chair, smelling his pipe, and having him tell me about the Tar Baby. Or his pool (that I “managed” because I was the oldest grandchild – I have a photo of my shirt he made somewhere). Or his humility.

After his death I learned more about him as a man than I ever knew before. He was a man of outstanding character, a civic gentleman, and a man who cared deeply for others. Person after person went on about how he helped them. I never knew how popular he was in his community and church. I just knew him as “Granddad”.

Well granddad, I’m glad your threats to “cloud up and rain all over me” when I did bad in your house never came to be. Sorry I was “muddy water” to you when I sat in your way of the TV.

May I have a tenth of what he had on this earth. But I know I’ll have all of what he has now one day. I’m not sure about the theology of this, but I think Jesus is happier now that Granddad is there.

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  • Dad would probably say: “Well — if that don’t beat anything I ever saw!”
    I can barely type because my eyes are welling up –but thanks for the comments — the memories — for being the grandson that Dad was definately proud of — and most of all — thanks be to God for Dad and all our family. Take care this weekend — you are in our prayers! Bill