5 Things That Stink

1. We don’t have cable.
2. We do have a hurricane.
3. All local channels are showing “it’s windy and rainy” reports
4. There’s only one football game on now and it’s the Vanderbilt/South Carolina game (at least it’s football though)
5. They probably won’t show the Clemson game because of the “it’s windy and rainy” reports

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  • Of all the teams that could be on TV, it had to be South Carolina! Isn’t that torture for a Clemson fan? Well, maybe if they lose it’ll make it all okay.

  • tom

    I feel your pain!!! No football on here in Budapest here either 🙂 We’re following along with you and praying that she (is it a she or a he, with the name Frances you can’t be too sure) will weaken and turn away from Central Florida.

    Hang in there.

    By the way. Here’s some late breaking weather news: It’s windy and rainy.

  • rob

    Thanks Tom. Yeah, I’m tired of the reports. I like new info reports, but not the “it’s windy and rainy” ones…at least not all the time.