Can you find Florida?

Can you find Florida? Here’s a hint: it’s under all the clouds!

Although we’re pretty much done (for now) in Orlando, it’s still rocking the Daytona area with squalls. This report came out recently:

Issued at: 2:56 PM EDT 9/5/04, expires at: 4:00 AM EDT 9/6/04

inland tropical wind warning until 400 am Monday
The circulation center of Frances will continue to move slowly away from the area tonight and Monday. However, gusts of 40 to 50 mph will occur overnight in a few squalls, possibly reaching 60 mph this evening. These winds are capable of producing damage to weakened construction, trees, and signs.
Additional downed powerlines and trees from overnight squalls will make clean up and driving dangerous Monday. Remain safely indoors through sunrise, and be extremely careful when going outdoors to examine damage. A majority of the injuries and fatalities associated with hurricane Charley occurred during the clean up stage.

So this will keep going even tomorrow. In fact, as Frances gets out into the Gulf, it’s expected to intensify and as it does, the wraparound effects of the hurricane will effect us on Monday.

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  • Anonymous

    Are you as stir crazy as we are? I’m getting sick of being stuck at home, especially w/ every local tv station covering Frances 24/7. – Matt

  • rob

    Yeah, we’re going nuts. We went to our next door neighbor’s house for dinner so that was good.

  • Anonymous

    I am glad the effects of Frances are not major. Once you get to Canada the weather will be only cold and windy and rainy most of the time but by that time you will be used to it. Thanks God it was not as disastrous as predicted. God blass you. Papa