Local TV Media

Things That Bug Me About Local Media
1. They like to overhype stuff (it’s still a dangerous situation, but they really overhype it)
2. They get disappointed if the hurricane weakens (I could see the disappointment on the weather guy’s face)
3. They feel they have to scoop the other channels so they can say “we were first”
4. They get disappointed if they don’t get face time (I just saw a reporter pout and complain on camera because they were going to cut away from him to show the Governor’s press conference).
5. They won’t show anything else but hurricane coverage…even when nothing is changing for hours

Things That I Like About Local Media
1. They tell me what’s going on at my house
2. Guess that’s it.

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  • Anonymous

    Agree about local newsoutlets overhyping all weather news with these last two hurricanes; especially CBS affiliate. Even the anchors use words to scare people. I find that ABC and Fox affiliates are more calm and still on target.