Who’s Your blogDaddy?

I’ve been thinking about this for a while. I want to try this little experiment (that will probably fall flat on it’s blog face, but we’ll see).

If you are blogging, who got you started? Who is your “blogDaddy”?

For most of us we’ll all have the “well, I was interested in it and then blah blah blah.” Yeah, we know. Spare us those mundane details.

What I want to know is who is the person that inspired you to start? Maybe it’s a few people. Maybe they did or did not help you directly get started.

For me, well, I was interested in it and…oops.

Take Two.

For me, I guess it’d have to be Andrew and Steve that got me into it. I started reading their blogs and then I got started.

So who’s your blogDaddy?

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  • It would have to be rob (www.robwhelan.com) and, uh, rob (www.orangejack.com).

    Reminds me of “My Two Dads”. Anybody ever watch that show?

  • Definitely Jordon Cooper.

  • Well… I have a BlogMomma… my best friend got me into it in the first place. Awesome folks like Rick and Scott kept me into it.

  • You are — of course!

  • Your father and I are so proud of you, son. 🙂

  • I don’t consider myself so much of a “blogDaddy” as I do a “blog evangelist.” Since starting my own blog, I guess I’ve inspired a few other people to start blogging, helped launch one of my friends into the blogosphere (http://wetzell.blogspot.com), and I am actively encouraging several others to start blogging as well. (Not that blogging is for everyone …)

    As for me, I owe a lot of credit to Kevin Hendricks (http://www.monkeyouttanowhere.com/) for blogging long before the word “blog” even came into existence, and for helping me launch my own blog. My buddy Nick (http://nickciske.com/blog/) also started blogging before I did which was inspirational.

    Other bloggers I read and was inspired by before I started blogging: Andrew Jones, Jordan Cooper, Andrew Careaga, Tim Bednar (e-church.com), and Jeff Veen. Anyway, you can see all my favorites on my Kinja page (http://kinja.com/user/knightopia/).

    Steve K.