Vancouver Bound

Well, if all goes according to plan, we’ll be getting on the plane to finally begin our mission trip to Vancouver!

Please pray for us as we begin this trip…pray for some rest. We’re really tired and needing a break. We’d love to hear from you while we’re there. We’ll continue to update our blog so be sure to continue to visit and leave comments!

Thank you.

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  • sleep on the plane!!!

    just don’t plan on buying coffee at OIA at 4:30 in the morning. there probably won’t be any place open.

    I’ll miss you guys!!! Keep up the blog-a-thon!

  • Praise God you finally are on the way!
    I blogged about your experiences this morning — read it when you get a chance.
    Keep praying —
    Keep learning —
    Keep the faith!
    Sally and I love y’all — and have y’all in our prayers!
    Peace! Shalom! Bill