What is sadder? That more hostages are being murdered in cold blood, or that I’m not as outraged anymore?

When they first started killing hostages, I was furious. It ruined my day. I couldn’t stand it. Today I hear of the killings and, don’t get me wrong, I’m upset, but the emotional response isn’t as intense.

I hate being desensitizing to this stuff.

Lord, please bring your justice to them and your mercy to us.

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  • Amen. It is sad, but I’ve been feeling the same thing. Lord help me not to lose the “edge”.

  • I must add another “amen”.
    I appreciate your honesty — for some reason I thought I was the only one who was getting that way! Compassion is very difficult — and goes against the human nature of caring mostly about ourselves. I find I desensitized even with Church members — and especially clients at the Outreach Center. To me that’s worse than getting desensitized about folks I do not know. And what about the innocent Iraqi citizens — or those in Ruwanda?
    O well — you probably don’t need all this! The truth is that God loves us — forgives us — and can strengthen us to love and care for others. Hey — another topic to blog about!