New My Yahoo!

I’ve been using My Yahoo! as my homepage for a long time. And I’ve loved it.

Today Yahoo! announced it’s new beta version of My Yahoo! Check it out. It’s pretty slick.

And the real cool thing? Well, they’ve been able to do this for a while, but you can add this blog to your My Yahoo! (that wasn’t too confusing, was it?) There’s a new button to right on this blog, just scroll down. Click on the “Add to My Yahoo!” and it will.


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  • Rob, thanks for the tip. I’ve been using My Yahoo for a couple of years and I like the new Beta version. I particularly like the dating of the news items on the webpage.

  • tom

    I love MY Yahoo too and it has been my home page as long as I can remember. The beta version is cool!

    I don’t ever search with Yahoo, though. I’m all Google, all the time. Pretty weird. I guess I’m a one search engine man.