Last Comic Jumping

Has the NBC show Last Comic Standing finally jumped the shark? Ralphie May says so.

Ralphie, that show jumped the shark back when you were on it…not after you got cut from Season 3. And some of us do like the “remember when” comedy. I’ve got a lot of respect for Ralphie for getting up and telling some jokes (albeit crude) the day after his father died, but I’ve never been a Ralphie fan. Well, I’ve always loved this Ralphie.

But, I still like the show. It’s funny. So I watch.

Thanks for the tip, RealityBlogs!

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  • I read the article and Ralpie is just jealous. Since when has comedy not been about the laughs? I want comedy to make me laugh. He’s just jealous of John Hefron. He’s funny and I like his comedy. I think he’s the funniest on them.