Blogging 100: Prerequisites

Hello class. Welcome to the Orangejack Blogging University. I am your professor, Rob. I look forward to being able to take you through your blogging degree.

We have two degrees to offer:
Associate’s Degree of Blogging: complete both Freshmen & Sophomore level courses
Bachelor’s Degree of Blogging: complete all four level courses

However, before we get started, there are a few questions you may have already. Let’s get them cleared up so we can begin.

What is a blog?
Who blogs?
What do people blog about?
Why blog?
What is the blogging process?
How do you blog?

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  • Anonymous

    Okay, I like this blogging stuff but why do I have to go through this long prosess of logging in and giving all of my info just to talk to you? Everytime I try…I get booted out or something goes wrong. Maybe annnnnnmininity is the way. Any thoughts? Love ya, Lera

  • This is great stuff! I’m going to be teaching a blogging workshop to 10-12 year olds (two sessions) in San Francisco in January and I plan to use this in my “curriculum.” Thanks so much for putting this out there.