Orangejack Blogging University

Interested in blogging? Don’t know much about what a blog is, why blog, or how to blog? Need to tweak your blog? Do you feel like you need to take some classes on it all?

Well look no further. I have put together a series on the ins and outs of blogging. I call it the Orangejack Blogging University. Here’s the curriculum in case you’re interested in starting.

Blogging 100: Prerequisites
Blogging 101:
Blogging 102: HTML Code
Blogging 201: Posting Photos
Blogging 202: Publishing
Blogging 301: Marketing
Blogging 302: Webstats
Blogging 401: Template Tweaks
Blogging 402: Etiquette

So have fun in class. And if you want to link to this class, use this entry…and feel free to let me know in the comment section!

UPDATE: This series was originally written mostly in October 2004. A lot as changed since then, and I’m doing things a bit differently now than I did then. No matter though…I’ve tried to make some UPDATE remarks and cleaned up most of the links. Some may go to bad links or dead blogs. Sorry. Also, this series used to be on, but now it’s on You may end up going to the blogspost site. Don’t worry, but it’s less updated.

To really stay on top of my blog tips, watch this page.

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