Blue Like Jazz

I just finished my copy of Blue Like Jazz today. I’m a slow reader. I’ve written about it a couple of times. It’s a very good book and I recommend it to everyone.

I was fascinated by how he writes. The things he said about spirituality resonated with me a lot. Because I’ve touched on this stuff before, I’m going to only mention this last thought. At the end of the chapter called “Alone”, he writes:

If loving other people is a bit of heaven then isolation is a bit of hell, and to that degree, here on earth, we decide in which state we would like to live.

This is a fascinating quote I’ve been going back to several times. I don’t want to be alone, yet sometimes I live alone. Alone can be good. But it can also be bad. It’s a struggle of mine. I’ve been burned badly by opening up to people. I’ve lost relationships over it. So my response is to be alone.

And that isolation is a bit of hell.

Anyway, a good book. Pick it up. I see he’s got a new book that just came out. I think I may have to pick up a copy.

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  • Anonymous

    Okay, so I have gotten into Nicholas Sparks books…think I bought them all at Target one day. He wrote Message in a Bottle and The Notebook…both movies now. He used to live here in Simpsonville in Neeley Farms but has moved on to bigger and better things. Anyway, I should be finished by Christmas and would like to borrow Blue Like Jazz when you come home if it is okay with you. And remember, you are never alone…I am always with you (you may not see me…good thing I know…but you are always my big brother!) PS Mrs. Kenney (Betsy?) said to tell you hey. Lera