Happy Thanksgiving!

Depending on who’s reading this, Patricia and I want to say “Happy Columbus Day”, “Happy Thanksgiving”, and “Happy Birthday”!

Okay, so the “Happy Birthday” is for our two year old niece today.

And it’s “Happy Columbus Day” for all our US friends.

But here in Canada, it’s “Happy Thanksgiving”! We have a long weekend this weekend because today is Thanksgiving in Canada. We celebrated last night with a huge spread much like what we’re used to. We went upstairs to be with our landlords and their extended family and friends. There were about 20 of us I think. It was fun. We’re going to a co-workers house tonight for another spread! It will be fun.

I already wrote some about Canadian Thanksgiving so check it out. One thing I haven’t told you was Saturday we went to a Cranberry Festival and saw how they harvest cranberries. The flood the cranberry bed and come through with a large tool that will pull the berries off the bushes. The berries then float up where they skim them off.

We also tried cranberry wine. It’s okay.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for thinking of Amelia!! She loves listening to your message on the answering machine! She giggles and says “that unkkle Wob!” Then she sings Happy Birhtday to herself. Boy! Talk about your self image issues! DIVA! Can’t wait to see you in December, Lera