New ACC Divisions

The Atlantic Coast Conference has announced it’s new logo and football conference names: the Atlantic and the Coastal (Clemson is in the Atlantic). reported that:

the new egg-shaped ACC logo includes almost the entire Eastern seaboard, with diamonds marking the locations of the conference’s 11 current schools, plus Boston College. The new seal looks similar to the old circular one, which featured the six contiguous states that serve as home to the league’s member schools.

But the arrival next year of Boston College provided a challenge for seal designers, who couldn’t squeeze the state of Massachusetts in the old circle. So after reviewing more than 100 seal proposals, league officials adopted the oval.

Thanks to the TigerPundit of the hookup.

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  • I think the ACC messed up by dividing a lot of historic rivalries into separate divisions. I can’t believe UNC and NC State won’t play each other every year. I know it is done in the name of progress, but I think the alignment could have been done better.