Blog Blows Away Hurriane

Bloggers have been reporting about it all day. Tonight I finally found a article that explains it. Publisher: ‘Blog’ No. 1 word of the year – Nov 30, 2004. I had to go to the Merriam-Webster website though to find out how they got this list.

We’ve sorted through thousands of user hits from Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary, Online Thesaurus, and Merriam-Webster to find the ten words that have most consistently piqued your curiosity this past year.

So what are the top 10 words? Here ya go:

TOP 10 WORDS OF 2004
The top 10 words of the year based on searches of Merriam-Webster Web sites.

1. blog
2. incumbent
3. electoral
4. insurgent
5. hurricane
6. cicada
7. peloton
8. partisan
9. sovereignty
10. defenestration

Source: Merriam-Webster

This also means ‘blog’ will be in the 2005 Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary. Aren’t you glad you’re “in the know” now?

Beal Bank Bails Billionaire

Beal Bank Provides $100,000,000 Loan to Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts, Inc.

DALLAS, Nov. 30 /PRNewswire/ — Beal Bank (the ‘Bank’) announced today that it has provided $100 million in interim financing to Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts, Inc. as part of that company’s recapitalization plan. In announcing the transaction, Beal Bank’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Andy Beal, said, ‘Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts, Inc. is run by one of America’s leading entrepreneurs, Donald J. Trump. We appreciate the opportunity to work with a businessman of his stature on this transaction, and we look forward to future transactions.’

I dunno. I just found it interesting. Plus I wanted to be alliterative.

Thanks to the Search Engine Lowdown for the tip.

Hurricane Season Over

Finally. Today is the official last day of the hurricane season. Man, I’m glad it’s over. It was a rough one for Florida:

Hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne killed more than 100 people and did more than $20 billion in damage, leaving virtually no portion of the state unscathed.

On this blog, with this simple post, the mayhem began. I blogged through Charley and Frances (and Ivan some). To read them, you’ll need to check the August and September Archive(scroll to the bottom and then move up to catch them in order).

I’m just glad they are finally over.

Dan Aykroyd on Christmas

I’ve been a big fan of Dan Aykroyd for a long time. Loved him on the “Classic” SNL, Ghostbusters is one of my all-time favorite Comedies, of course the Blues Brothers, etc… But today I read an interview from his new movie, Christmas with the Kranks. I haven’t seen it yet but a friend said it was great and I’m looking forward to renting it next Christmas 😉

Anyway, Aykroyd has some great quotes in the interview:

[Christmas is] a big, fat commercial hoax — until that morning, when you?ve got that fire lit in the log cabin, the snowcats gurgling outside. Then my cardigan comes on, I put on Frank Sinatra Christmas music, and I get in the spirit at the last minute like everybody else…We?’re only nice to each other, it seems — formally — in this society on Valentine?s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. We should be nice to each other all year. We should be espousing Judeo-Christian values of ‘?Treat others like you?d wish to be treated’,? and ‘?To those much has been given, much will be required’.? You know, these are the words of the Christ, and they should be embraced throughout the year, not only at Christmas, Thanksgiving and Valentine?s Day.

Very nice. Dan’s gone up another notch on my respect meter.

Thanksgiving Friday

I was doing okay with not having a traditional Thanksgiving yesterday until I read this from the Google Blog

Well, it’s Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, when every patriotic American must either watch football or go shopping.

Sigh. Guess I’m not a true patriot. I’m at work…in Canada. Oh well.

Since Thanksgiving is identified with family, football, and food, I’ll tell you, I was able to participate relatively well. I was able to talk to most of my family yesterday. I got to watch the two NFL games. And for food, well, I had Thanksgiving Nachos for lunch and Thanksgiving Salmon for dinner. It was the best we could do. Maybe though for Christmas I’ll get the full spread again. My favorite meal is the traditional Thanksgiving meal. My second favorite meal is the traditional Thanksgiving meal leftovers.

But I will say that the salmon last night was great. We went to a place called Horizons Restaurant on Burnaby Mountain. It was great food and there was a beautiful view of Vancouver all lit up, sparkling on the horizons. It was a good evening…just a different Thanksgiving than what I’ve ever had.

So, family, football, and food, right? It was great. Just having my wife near me is perfect enough for family. Football was decently boring, but football nonetheless. And the food, though not what I’m used to, was still good.

Yeah, I’m thankful. I really am.

National Anthem

You know, since being in Canada for the past few months, going through a heated election, and not being able to celebrate Thanksgiving today in the traditional ways I’m used to, hearing the National Anthem again for the pre-game NFL game today just sounded different to me. It sounded better. It sounded like home.

Don’t get me wrong, I like it here and it’ll be sad to leave in a few weeks. But there’s something about hearing that anthem again. It represents a special place.

Today, among other things, I’m thankful to be an American…warts and all.

Four Birthdays in One

A bizarre, but nice story.

BELLEVIEW, Fla. – It’s hard to forget a birthday in the Dover family: Mom, dad and soon-to-be 1-year-old twins were all born on Nov. 26.

On Friday, Kimberly Dover will turn 31, her husband Billy will be 35 and their twins, Angelica and Derrick will celebrate their first birthday.

The central Florida parents said they were surprised to have any children, let alone on their birthday. After years of infertility, they were about to give up. Instead they tried one more treatment, a series of shots that proved effective.

The babies were due Dec. 17, 2003. But Kimberly was hospitalized a month earlier with complications, and a doctor decided to deliver the babies by Cesarian section ? on the same day the expectant parents were born.