Upset at My Yahoo!

I’m also upset at tonight. At some point during the election, when I tried to go to (my homepage), I got a page that told me:

We’re sorry, but the new version of My Yahoo! is not yet available in any language other than English. You can return to your current page by following these steps:

  1. Select ‘My Account’ to go to the Account Preferences page
  2. Select the ‘Edit’ button in the Member Information section
  3. Under General Preferences, select the link next to ‘Language & Content’
  4. Choose ‘Yahoo! US’ and then select the ‘Finished’ button

We apologize for the inconvenience. The new version of My Yahoo! will be available in multiple languages soon.
The My Yahoo! Team

I made the changes they asked and it’s still not working. I don’t know what language they thought I was using. Looked like English to me!

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  • Same thing happened to me. In fact, I came clse to IMing you or e-mailing you to see what to do — but didn’t!:) It’s back to normal now, though.