Clemson beats Miami!!!

24-17. We took Miami to overtime and WE BEAT THEM…at Miami too!

I wish I had seen it. We don’t have ESPN here but I’m able to listen to it online. I was only able to listen to overtime though. Whew! After starting 1-4 and now we’re 5-4. What a turnaround.

Love the title of this article: INCREDIBLE!

Oh yeah! This is Clemson’s 600th all-time win. Congrats Tigers! We’re now 600-411-45 (0.589).

Go Tigers!

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  • WOO HOO!!! I don’t like Miami.

  • Congrats to the Tigers! Patricia — of course you don’t like Miami — no true Hokie does :)! After the game Bowden was asked what this did to their Bowl chances. He responded that they will have to win 2 more games. I’ll give them next week — but not the following! 🙂