This is South Carolina Football

There has been a document floating around Clemson circles called “This is South Carolina Football”. I’ve decided to post it here. However, I’ve taken out any statements that I could not verify online. If you have others to add, please leave a comment and the URL proof. I don’t want to slander them. I just want to present the facts.

So, going into the 2004 football season…

The University of South Carolina began playing football in 1892. Since then, they have had an all-time winning percentage under .500, which ranks 92nd all-time in D-1A football…only 25 programs have been worse. A few of the notable football programs who have been better than the Gamecocks include such powerhouses as: Duke, Western Michigan, Tulsa, Toledo, Navy, UAB, Central Florida, Ball St., North Texas, Nevada, East Carolina, Houston, Northern Illinois, Utah St., San Jose St., Vanderbilt, Akron, Baylor, UNLV, Kansas, and Rutgers just to name a few. This is South Carolina Gamecock football.

Since the Associated Press began ranking football teams in 1936, the Gamecocks have finished in the top 20 of the rankings only five times. Carolina has never finished in the Top 10 of a major recognized poll. South Carolina won its first bowl game 103 years after they started playing football. In over 100 seasons of football, Carolina has yet to participate in one of the “Big 5” Bowls (Rose, Sugar, Orange, Fiesta, Cotton). As Carolina is set to begin this season of collegiate football, they have won 10 or more games in a single season once. Since 1892, South Carolina has had only 42 winning seasons and 52 losing seasons. This is South Carolina Gamecock football.

South Carolina has had 32 different head coaches in its storied tradition…only five of them stayed longer than 5 seasons, 21 of them have losing records. Of the 56 programs which have played more than 1000 games all-time, only four have scored fewer points than South Carolina in their schools history. This is the tradition of South Carolina Gamecock football.

Conference Play
In the 50+ seasons Carolina has been affiliated with a conference, they have won that conference once…the ACC in 1969, with a 7-4 record. Since joining the SEC in 1992, Carolina has had a winning record in the conference twice (2000 and 2001). In the twelve seasons as a member of the SEC, Carolina boasts a conference record of 35-68-1…only two teams have been worse: Kentucky has 27 wins, Vanderbilt 12. Although Carolina has yet to finish in the top two of the Eastern division, they have finished last twice (1998 and 1999). Carolina has yet to win six conference games in a season. And no one should forget the fact that Carolina went two consecutive seasons without winning one conference game, not one (1998 and 1999). Carolina had an impressive string of 21 consecutive games with a loss snapped in 2000 by beating New Mexico State (then let the rest of the country know what Carolina football was all about by tearing down the goal-posts). Since 1992, only three times has any non-probation member of the conference failed to win two or more games overall in a season…South Carolina has accomplished this feat twice, Kentucky once. Since 1992, only once has a conference member failed to win a game overall in a single season…you guessed it, South Carolina. South Carolina’s all-time record versus other current conference members is even more impressive: 2-9 vs Alabama, 4-8 vs Arkansas, 1-4-1 vs Auburn, 3-18-3 vs Florida, 13-41-2 vs Georgia, 8-6-1 vs Kentucky, 2-14-1 vs LSU, 5-7 vs Ole Miss, 5-6 vs Mississippi St., 2-18-2 vs Tennessee, and 11-2 vs Vanderbilt. That’s correct, Carolina leads the all-time series against 2 SEC teams…Kentucky and Vanderbilt. This is South Carolina Gamecock football.

South Carolina vs. Others
The comparison of only 12 seasons in one conference does no justice to the tradition of South Carolina football. So lets compare the Gamecocks record versus D-1A schools they have played 30 or more times: 35-62-4 vs Clemson, 13-41-2 vs Georgia, 33-21-2 vs Wake Forest, 24-27-4 vs NC State, 16-34-4 vs North Carolina, 17-24-3 vs Duke, and 20-13-1 vs Virginia. That’s correct, Carolina leads the all-time series against 2 of these 11 teams…Virginia and Wake Forest. This is South Carolina Gamecock football.

Last 10 Years
But all this tradition and past records are meaningless. What is more important is the recent history. Only losers live in the past. We are in the best years of Carolina Gamecock football, and the future has never been brighter…or has it? For perspective, let’s look at the last ten years…Carolina is coming off another losing season, the 6th in the last 10 seasons. Overall record since Lou Holtz became Head Coach is 27-32 (.458). Since 1994 they are 50-64. Remarkably, Carolina has finished in the Top 25 twice in the last 10 seasons and been won all three bowl games in that span. But before you get too excited, remember these are the only 3 bowl games they’ve EVER won. The three seasons they’ve allowed the most points all came within the last 10 years. This is South Carolina Gamecock football.

The 2002 season marked a significant time in South Carolina Gamecock football history. On November 9, South Carolina was defeated by Arkansas giving South Carolina their 500th loss in history. Currently there are 16 members of the elite “500 Club”, five of them with better win percentages than the Gamecocks (Virginia, Vanderbilt, Kentucky, Kansas, and Rutgers). In the middle of the season, the Gamecocks were within 1 game of reaching .500 winning percentage at 489-490-44. What would they do? Could USC reach the elusive benchmark of minimal mediocrity? No. They lost five straight to close the season at 5-7 and miss the post season by one game. This is South Carolina Gamecock football.

The Gamecocks fell to 0-9 the last two years in games that could’ve gained them a bowl bid. The final defeat was a humiliating trouncing at home to their arch-rival Clemson 63-17. Many records were set or tied in the “rivalry” game including most points scored by a team. Coach Holtz said afterwards that he’s “embarrassed like I’ve never been before“…

This is South Carolina Gamecock Football.

UPDATE: This has not been updated and comments are turned off.

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  • Just wanted to let you know you have some grammatical errors. You kept writing This Is South Carolina Football. Actually, the correct verb tense is Was — as in This Was South Carolina Football. To see what Is South Carolina Football (present tense) and not what Was (past tense, let’s look at the present — as in the 2004 season.
    Sep 4 at Vanderbilt W, 31-6
    Sep 11 vs Georgia L, 20-16
    Sep 18 vs South Florida W, 34-3
    Sep 25 vs Troy W, 17-7
    Oct 2 at Alabama W, 20-3
    Oct 9 vs Mississippi L, 31-28
    Oct 16 at Kentucky W, 12-7
    Oct 30 vs Tennessee L, 43-29
    Nov 6 vs Arkansas W, 35-32
    I count 6 wins — and 3 loses — which makes them bowl eligible.
    And while we’re at it — let’s look at what Is Clemson Football this year:
    Sep 4 vs Wake Forest W, 37-30
    Sep 11 vs Georgia Tech L, 28-24
    Sep 18 at Texas A&M L, 27-6
    Sep 25 at Florida State L, 41-22
    Oct 7 at Virginia L, 30-10
    Oct 16 vs Utah State W, 35-6
    Oct 23 vs Maryland W, 10-7
    Oct 30 vs N.C. State W, 26-20
    Nov 6 at Miami W, 24-17
    I count 5 wins – 4 loses. Which is yet to make them Bowl eligible.
    So far — what Is South Carolina football this year looks better than what Is Clemson football.
    Go Gamecocks!

  • While I generally could not care any less about college football, I couldn’t help noticing that you are bashing your defeated foe. I don’t get it.

    If Clemson had lost to South Carolina, you certainly wouldn’t want to delineate how bad SC was, because it would only make Clemson look worse.

    And given that Clemson beat them, your description only makes that a pretty shallow victory. Especially if Clemson and South Carolina are rivals.

    So the unintentional result of your history lesson on South Carolina is that I now think Clemson must be a pretty bush league team since they are rivals with one of the most enemic teams of the last century!

    Now, how about them University of Missouri – Rolla Miners!


  • Anonymous

    If Jerry would simply read Revbill’s comment; he would gain a better understanding for the creation of this project.

    And Jerry….what is better than humiliating your in state rival year after year after year after year?

  • Anonymous

    this is the stupidest site ever clemson got a national championship but usc has a heismen winner then we could look at baseball and basketball and clemson cant dream about competing
    holla the gamecock

  • Anonymous

    Ok, clearly whoever posted the preceding comment, hasn’t been paying attention to college basketball this year, because I do believe that Clemson DEFEATED South Carolina in overtime, so now USC can’t wait until baseball season so we can beat them in one more sport. And it’s like the saying goes, You can’t spell suck without USC.

  • Anonymous

    You can’t spell sUCk without CU (Clemson University) either.

  • Anonymous

    Old News man you Clemson fans forget way too much. We’ve heard this from you guys way to omany times. It has gotten so old. Come on I’ll give you respect where respect is due, but remember Clemson is NOT a football powerhouse. That right is resevered for ND, Michigan, Miami, etc NOT Clemson. Even Clemson fans know this. So to continue bragging about this is pure stupidity. It makes you look like a fool and brings down Clemson fans in general. Heck I’ve heard all the stuff about USC beating Clemson so what?? I don’t care any more. It’s for the love of the team not the stats and records. And before you come back with a childish remark think. Show a bit of respect and break the old record. It would make you sound much more mature.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Clemson may not be a “powerhouse”. However, we dominate USC nearly ever year Clemson takes the field. Lou Holtz beat us once during his brief stay in Columbia. So if Clemson is no “powerhouse”, what does that make USC?

    One more thing… Lou Holtz left USC with a losing record.

    Please share some more of your infinite knowledge with us.

  • Anonymous

    Looking back 10 years, Clemson would have had many more losing seasons if they had played in the SEC and USC would have had more winning seasons if they played in the ACC.

  • rob

    LOL! So many disagree with this post. Not many leave their name.

  • Rich

    “Gamecock fans justify their horrible football record thru the strength of the SEC conference. But let’s look at the Gamecock’s record against the other big 4 conferences. South Carolina is 172-221-18 vs the ACC, 6-8 vs the Big 12, 22-26-5 vs the Big East, and 3-5 vs the Big Ten. This is Carolina Gamecock Football.” Now we say this is Carolina Gamecock Football because the losing continues. And the reason this is posted is because every year before the Clemson / Carolina game you can hear coming from just about every USC fan’s mouth that they will beat us. They rarely do, and, yet again, leave the stadium saying “We’ll get you next year, we’ll get you next year”. I hear that junk every year because I have been to the past 13 Clemson Carolina games. Only 2 of those 13 times have Carolina fans actually had somthing to brag about. And another thing REVBILL….you look at one year…that would be real sad if USC fans come to the clemson carolina game every year and not even have a better record then us one stinking year. Oh and for the person that said Carolina has basketball and baseball and etc. thats bullcrap. Carolina has only won a Championship in track and field. So it seems like losing is in the Carolina tradition. And to all of the USC fans going crazy about Steve Spurrier coaching the Cocks this year…lets hope he shows Carolina the magic just like he did to Washington….and why is Carolina getting these coaches that have been washed up for almost 10 years now? It doesnt make sense?

  • Rich

    Clemson beats teams like Flordia State (in 2003)and Miami…and the best teams yall have beaten in the past two years are Alabama and Arkansas? Who cares if you won six games with that push over schedual? We whipped Tennessee the season before last also but beating Vanderbilt, Kentucky, Troy (whoever the hell that is)and South Flordia (another powerhouse) makes Clemson look crappy? If we had Carolinas schedual from last year we would of had a great chance of going 7-2 at the least. So you can bring up these push over scheduals to say USC is better then Clemson if you want, but youll look like an ass. Also we killed Carolina this past season also so to correct REVBILL we had 6 wins and 4 losses

  • Rich

    also everything i posted can be verified by Googling Clemson CArolina football.

  • Anonymous

    Rich… Why don’t you post Clemson’s record against the big 4 conferences of the past couple years and most of the 20th Century? What do you have to hide? I enjoy college sports but I have better things to do with my time than intensified research on a program that I have no ties to. GET A LIFE! You should spend less time on Carolina stats and more time working on your grammar and spelling. You repeated Rob’s mistake. I wonder if CU greased you through like they are known to do with many of their athletes. Heck, Carolina Athletics must not be that bad if the only way for you to really put them down is for you to go out of your way and dig up statistics that most people could care less about. Only in your little fantasy world does the country think USC stinks.

    Go Gamecocks!

  • Anonymous

    WOW! Congratulations, Clemson! Congratulations on beating a team that you don’t think is very good! Congratulations on bragging about beating a team that has the history that you just posted! South Carolina isn’t very good, wasn’t ever very good, and likely will never be very good, and yet you brag about beating them year in and year out as if they’re Southern Cal! Some rivalry! You know, bragging about beating South Carolina is pretty pathetic. It’s like bragging about drowning a sack full of kittens. If that’s the best you can do for a rivalry, it doesn’t speak very well of your own team. You shouldn’t be putting them down; you should be pulling for them each and every week in the hopes that someday your victories won’t be as hollow as if you’d beaten a high school team. Until then, leave the big-time rivalries to people who know football, and schools that are worth at least half a crap.

    Michigan vs. Ohio State
    Auburn vs. Alabama
    Florida vs. Georgia
    Texas vs. Oklahoma
    USC vs. Notre Dame

  • Anonymous

    Wow, this coming from a Clemson fan. Hey, how about those powerful Clemson Tigers basketball teams???

    Overall ACC record: 235-468, .334

    Zero championships, regular season or tournament.

    SC’s record in same time frame:
    1970 ACC regular seaon (UNDEFEATED in the nation’s toughest conference!!!)
    1971 ACC Tournament
    1997 SEC East
    1997 SEC Regular Season
    2005 NIT Champs

    This is a baseball / basketball school. Might as well have a write-up about Kentucky’s football program.

  • Charles

    Ask the approximately 80,000 fans that pack the Williams-Brice Stadium on football game day if this school is a baseball/basketball school. You can use that excuse when you are Duke or any school that is a consistent powerhouse in a given sport; however, I doubt there are many Gamecock fans that would even agree w/ that statement.

    And as far as mediocre records for both teams go…it’s not the record of each team that makes a good rivalry…it’s the hatred for each team…and if you have not figured it out yet these two teams really hate each other. That’s not Clemson football or South Carolina football…that’s Southern football…and it’s great.

  • Tiger-Joel

    In a rivalry, all that really matters is head-to-head record. What is South Carolina’s all-time record against Clemson? (And one kind of morons have a mascot called the Cocks?)