Amazing Reality

One of my favorite reality TV shows starts again tonight. CBS’s The Amazing Race has proven over and over to be one of the better and well done shows on TV. If you’ve never seen it, why not start tonight?

The show, if you haven’t seen it, has teams of two who are given clues and money to take a trip. They literally fly all around the world. The last team to arrive at the final checkpoint for each leg is eliminated. It’s a great show for entertainment, geography, and culture, among other reasons to watch.

Enjoy the show!

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  • Hey Rob, thanks for the reminder. I’d forgettent that AAR starts tonight. I always get a little travel-envy when I watch that show, but the scenery is incredible.


  • tom

    We are flat out addicted to this show here in Budapest. My parents tape it and send it to us. In fact, we just watched the final episode of the last Amazing Race last night. We’ve passed in on to some friends and I think it is the hottest set of tapes in Budapest. I think there is a 3-4 family waiting list.

    My sister is coming next week and hopefully she will have this first episode on tape when she comes.

    I’ve watched the show since the beginning, but it was fun to watch the last one as I had been to a few of the places (like St. Petersburg, Russia). Now that I’ve travelled internationally quite a bit, I can relate even more to what they are going through.

    Don’t post any of the results on your blog as I read it regularly and I don’t want any spoilers.

  • I started to follow Amazing Races by Internet since 3rd edition, but this year one of our TV cabo channels (in Brazil) transmitted editions 2nd and 3rd and now is transmitting the 4th. I have became a big fan of this program because of the idea but I like it more when I saw the program, I think their edition is superb!
    As race is recorded at the places on day by day it seems more real than tourism programs.