How to Monitor Santa

Patricia keeps asking me what I want for Christmas. My nerdy, geeky side just figured it out. I want a weather bug backyard monitoring system. It’s a new sensor you can get for your my house.

The sensors can track inside and outside temperatures, wind speed and direction, wind chill and 12 other weather variables in real-time. Each model comes with a desktop console that shows live backyard weather data and a desktop software tool, WeatherBug Plus.

They come in three different ranges–Basic, Advanced and Ultimate. While Basic, priced at $349, transmits weather data from outdoor sensors to a desktop through cables, the two higher-end models are wireless and solar powered, a WeatherBug spokesperson said.

So basically I could get the weather conditions at my house from anywhere in the world…and so could you!

Either that or a TiVo.

I gotta find cheaper toys.

Thanks to Steve for letting me know how to bust my Christmas buget.

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  • Dude, you are most welcome. Can’t wait to watch the weather at your house.

  • Cool! But for now I think you’ll just have to step outside to see what the weather outside our house is.