There’s a Bush in Canada

It’s been no secret that there’s been a rift between Canada and the US. Although I’ve gotta say, most Canadians I talk to are excited to meet us. Of course we get different reactions. One person told us, “When you get back to Florida, take a message with you from me: ‘Get Bush Out!'” Yet another said, “I like Yankees”. I had to correct him in that he shouldn’t call a Southern Man a “Yankee”, but I knew what he meant. Then another said, “You’re from Florida? What happened with those chads?” I’m thinking, “Get over it already! We did!”

Anyway, Bush was in Canada today and there was quite a stir. There were of course protests but that’s no surprise. Both Bush and Prime Minister Martin did have some fun with it though.

…the two leaders made light of the demonstrations, with Martin remarking jokingly that Bush seemed to draw larger crowds than he does.

“I don’t know if that’s good or bad,” Bush said. “It all depends on who shows up I guess.”

In another quip, Bush expressed appreciation for Canadians who greeted him on the route from the airport waving “with all five fingers.”

Love that Bush quote!

So the main quarrels between the two have been Iraq, ban on beef and softwood imports from Canada, and government name-calling and insulting of Bush. They didn’t make much headway on softwood, but there should be some changes for the beef soon. Bush even insisted on having a Canadian steak. As for the “top down insulting”, well they’re making strides to make amends:

In the run-up to the [Iraq] war [that Chretien refused to take part in], a spokeswoman for then-Prime Minister Chretien referred to Bush as a moron.

Just two weeks ago a Liberal member of Parliament who has repeatedly denigrated the U.S. president stomped on a Bush doll on television; Martin expelled her from the Liberal caucus.

So I think things are going well and I think they’re getting better.

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