Levels of Coffee

I think I’ve cracked the code:

  • Cheap or Free Bad Coffee (also see: Gas Station Coffee, Church Foyer Coffee, Fast Food Coffee, Office Coffee, Airline Coffee)
  • Cheap Decent Coffee (also see: Tim Hortons Coffee, Krispy Kreme Coffee, Dunkin’ Doughnuts Coffee)
  • Costly Decent Coffee (also see: Starbucks)
  • Costly Good Coffee (also see: Caribou Coffee, Seattle’s Best Coffee, Barnie’s Coffee, Just-About-Any-Other-Coffee-House-Thats-Not-Starbucks Coffee)
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  • I would add – Costly Bad Coffee, most cafes in Prague and Budapest would qualify here. Mall cafes or the McCafe.

  • rob

    I thought about adding Costly Bad Coffee, but I honestly haven’t had it before. But we are going to Budapest in a few months so I’ll just have to find out! Ugh. Maybe I’ll just settle for Starbucks! 😉

  • You’ll get both extremes in Europe – Costly Bad and Great. Kinda like gambling…you’ll love it, atmosphere makes up for all of it.