Done in Canada

Yesterday was the last day of work for us here in Vancouver. I’ll write more about it later. But I did want to say this…

Wow. What a great time. Yesterday at work was good as I was able to close out all the stuff I’ve been working on during this trip. I was one of the last to leave the office yesterday. It is always dark in the office and one of the only lights on was at my desk. I packed up everything and cleared my desk. Then I reached out and turned off the lamp. It was like the end of a poignant series finale of a sitcom when you know it is the end of something good.

Before I walked away, I just looked at the dark, clean desk and just paused. “Thank you, God.” I then walked outside in the dark, cold pouring rain. Exhausted. But God did a good thing here. I’m so thankful to be a part of what He’s doing.

So tomorrow we leave for a few days of vacation, then back here for a few days to pack up, then down to Seattle for a day or two before we fly home on the 22nd. Then the Christmas holidays! So the blogging may be off an on for the rest of the month, but I’ll blog as I can.

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  • rob

    A friend sent me an email saying “Congrats” on finishing up and all. I replied, then thought I wanted to put it here.

    Thanks. It’s been a good and short ride. But worth it.

    I tell ya, after the decision to come, raising support, getting ready, closing projects in Orlando, planning a conference in Budapest, dealing with not just one, not two, but THREE hurricanes, then coming here literally on the tail of a hurricane, jumping right in…

    I’m looking forward to vacation tomorrow.

  • Hey — Congrats on finishing up! Have a great time off — with all both of you have been through getting to Vancouver, adjuting, and staying busy there you deserve it. Looking forward to seeing both of you Christmas.

  • i know i’m pregnant and over emotional, but your post almost made me cry. it is the end of a special time and your description was very poetic. i’m also a sucker for sitcoms i guess 🙂

    anyway, rob, its been a really good couple months. i wish you & patricia all the best. thanks for teaching me so much stuff and for being such an inspirational co-minister/colleague/peer/brother/friend (i’m not sure what to call you!) who also challenged my thinking and approach about many things causing great growth.

    peace and goodwill
    merry christmas

    ps. good news, my brother let me use his colour printer for my christmas letter and it worked out really well 🙂 yay! God knows it all, eh? now it didn’t cost me anything but time AND its in colour!