• Praise God, the playoffs are so overdue! But, it will take a lot of money away from the NCAA and the top 10 or 20 colleges unless they keep the bowl games as kind of an after season showcase.

  • Slow down there, chief. I think we’re at least the entire BCS contract away from seeing playoffs (2010).

    The Charlotte Observer gave up their AP voting slot, as you linked. I think that drove the bus on other papers being willing to drop their voting, hence the AP pulling out of the BCS.

    I still think that the AP is being ridiculous. Their #1 & #2 are in the title game. What more could they possibly want? If this had happened last year (when they crowned a split champion), then I can understand the reaction. But…this year? That’s crazy.

  • rob

    Honestly I don’t see the playoffs coming anytime real soon. I still like parts of the bowl system, and I think most people do also. We just want to “settle it on the field” (read: playoffs). One day, and I think sooner than later, it’ll happen.