A Fiddler Held Hostage

One of my favorite musicals is Fiddler on the Roof. I got the DVD about 3 years ago and have watched it only once. I love it so much that I’ve told several others about how I like it a lot…including some co-workers.

About 2 years ago (remember that date) I told a particular co-worker about it. I won’t name names. I just knew that this person would like the movie also…so I let her borrow the DVD.

A couple weeks ago I sent this no-named co-worker an email:

I have an idea of what you can get me for Christmas! Check it out.

Monday I got the DVD back…so I thought. Today I opened the case and inside were two sticky notes. One read “Ha Ha” and the other said “Blog This!” And the DVD is not there.

A fiddler is being held hostage until this blog post goes up. I hope this has satisfied the demands of the hostage taker and that I get the actual disc back tomorrow.

This does, however, raise the question: Is it really my favorite if I let it go that long? I say yes…I’m just a nice guy.

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  • tom

    We just got it a few months ago because our school here in Budapest is doing the play this coming May. Maybe I’ll let you watch it when you come to visit 🙂

  • Clarification – you said favorite MUSICAL right? Not favorite movie. Because if it’s your favorite MOVIE – we are going to have to check your man card. Besides – This is like asking what is your favorite DENTIST. (See your own blog for that.)

  • rob

    It is certainly my favorite MUSICAL! Not movie.

    Of course my list of great musicals is pretty short:

    Fiddler on the Roof
    uh, guess that’s it.

    C’mon. I’m trying to be a man of culture here!

  • Clearly Karen stole it. It has her fingerprints all over it. :0

    In your defense, we watched Fiddler on DVD a few weeks ago, and I liked it. It didn’t enter the radar screen of favorite movies, let alone favorite musicals, but I was impressed. I didn’t realize how much of my musical cliche’s derived from it. (They are now cliche’s because they were great music in the show. Just like Shakespeare’s lines are cliche’s because they were so well written.)

  • I was wondering……do you have the DVD “Notting Hill” that I can borrow?