Playoffs Rolling

Well, my early prediction was that the Steelers would beat the Vikings in the Super Bowl. We already know I’m half wrong because the Vikes are out. Ethically I’ll have to stick with the Steelers to still win it all. But I have to admit, I think it’s now going to be the Patriots defeating the Falcons in the Super Bowl.

What’s your prediction? I’ll make it easy for you. It’ll either be the New England Patriots or the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. the Philadelphia Eagles or the Atlanta Falcons.

So how’s this for confusion? I’ve now picked the Steelers (early pick), the Patriots (late pick), but I’m pulling for the Falcons (so much for pulling for the Colts). Eagle fans rejoice. You’re now set to win!

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  • NFC — Falcons — “my team” as a kid and the only NFL I’ve been to see play (OK — they played the Baltimore Colts that day — do I guess I’ve seen the Colts play, too)! They’ll have a tough game against Pitt — but I’m pulling for them. Even though I like Pitt and their QB!
    AFC — Patriots. They are too tough!
    Winner — Falcons (I hope) — but probably Patriots. Forget the loss to Miami — the Pats are just too tough in the “important” games!