Running in Fantasy Football

All you fantasy football enthusiasts, check this out…

A common strategy is to pick up good running backs and you will win your championship. This year it’s a bit tougher because of the contributions Manning and Culpepper made.

However, I wanted to point something out from some stats in the playoffs:

Here are the top 5 QB’s in yards for the playoffs:
1. Manning
2. Bulger
3. Culpepper
4. Pennington
5. Hasselbeck

Note: none of them are still in the playoffs. Now check out the top 5 WR’s:
1. Wayne
2. Curtis
3. McCariens
4. Holt
5. Clark

Note: none of them are still in the playoffs. One might argue that they are leading because they all played 2 games and the ones left only played in one game. Well, check out the top 5 RB’s:

1. Dillon
2. Martin
3. Dunn
4. Vick
5. James

Note: 3 of the top 5 are still in the playoffs.

Make of this what you wish.

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  • It’s simple — have the right RBs — winthe SB! 🙂

  • What about TD’s and defenses? (Since you’re doing the research!!)

  • rob

    Okay. As for total TDs in the playoffs, there are only 6 guys who have 2 or more. Only Mitchell and Dunn are left (one WR and one RB). The other 4 are all WRs. So the WRs got in the end zone more, but with teams left, it’s a wash.

    As for DE, not sure how to look at it because so many leagues look at DE scoring differently. But the top 5 DE yards/gm are PIT, NE, IND, ATL, and MIN. Three of 5 are left. Top 5 points/gm are PIT, NE, GB, ATL, and IND. 3 of 5 left again. So with those two stats, DE has been important.

    But unlike in real games, defense usually doesn’t win a fantasy championship…at least not in my league!

  • I think the rev is right – RB’s lead the way. I would throw one steady WR to that and a mid level QB. This year was the anomaly – 2 guys having video game season numbers – Culpepper and Manning – and two more having great years that get overshadowed – McNabb and Brady.

    When does the preseason start for 2k5?

  • rob

    When does the preseason start? Not soon enough!

    BTW, I came this close to winning my SB. If Brady hadn’t thrown so many INTs at Miami, I would have advanced and won the SB. And I had Martin and Alexander leading the way!