PSA: Urban Legends Emailed is the definitive website to find out if that too-good-to-be-true email you just got actually is too good to be true.

Now snopes has made it even easier to find out. Introducing the Urban Legends Reference Pages: 25 Hottest Urban Legends.

Bookmark it. Subscribe to the RSS feed. Sign up for their email. Do something! Just don’t send me that email again!

BTW, several years ago I “replied to all” to announce a hoax email and cited a webpage to back me up. I got an angry reply from someone on the list that I didn’t know saying “how dare I call it a hoax” and for all he knew “I created that entire website just to debunk emails like that” and implored me to “never email him again.”

I laughed and obliged. I still crack up over that.

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  • So, did you email him to say that you wouldn’t email him anymore?

  • rob

    I thought about it, but my keyboard was too sticky. See, I was drinking Coke and when I read his email I spewed it all over the keyboard.

    Besides, I was in the middle of creating other dastardly websites I could create to debunk free trips to Disney.

  • i love snopes! its always my first stop when someone sends me a FWD…i spread the word about that site (like in the latest IdeaLab newsletter) and try to take the non-judgemental approach of saying something like, “isn’t lame that people don’t have better things to do than make up hoaxes? check out this site for yourself. its fun and a great resource.” not to mention it makes you feel so smart to be on the up and up about whats true and false.

    i love that site, how they have references to back things up. speaking of coke, theres a cool section about coca-cola hoaxes there too.

    ps. rob, thanks for the nice comments on my blog. i wrote you a response if you want to check it out there.