Darth Dew: From a Galaxy Far, Far Away

From OrlandoSentinel.com

The Slurpee rainbow will soon include a dark side.

Dallas-based 7-Eleven Inc. will debut in late April its first black Slurpee — a tribute to the movie villain Darth Vader that’s tied to the May premiere of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

Jedi and Slurpee fans alike will be able to slurp the pitch-black, icy concoction, called Darth Dew, from a standard-size cup or from one fitted with a black, shiny Darth Vader head. Yoda collector mugs also will be available.

It will be a marriage of two venerable, decades-old brands. Star Wars is one of the world’s most recognizable movie and merchandise empires, while Slurpee — named for the slurp sound made when drinking it through a straw — will celebrate its 40th anniversary in June.

‘We know that black food does not generally sell well,’ said Robert Passikoff, founder of New York-based Brand Keys, a brand research firm. ‘Having said that, the inherent value of the Star Wars brand is good enough reason to try it. . . . They are both classic brands.’

Darth Dew, made by PepsiCo. Inc., is modeled after the beverage company’s limited-edition Mountain Dew Pitch Black flavor.


I can’t come up with a funny, pithy quote for this. Leave a comment if you’ve got one.

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  • groovy. sucking slurpee (which i don’t even like) out of the head (helmet?) of one of the 20th century’s iconic villains sounds deliciously ironic.

    luuuke…i am your beverage…

    if i were in high school i’d have made a bong out of it.