Why Extra for Podcasting?

Here’s something I don’t get…why can’t podcasting be read in a typical RSS aggregator? I think I’d get into podcasting a bit more if it came right in with what I typically use. I don’t want to have one program for email, one for RSS, and one for Podcasting. Right now I use two (Outlook and SharpReader (or Bloglines)). I don’t want to add a third.

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  • I agree, it’d be nice to get it all in one place. I always read my email… sometimes read my RSS feeds, and even more rarely dig into my podcasts (although I subscribe to a lot).

    A ‘podcast’ feed is just an RSS feed with an extra tag so it can be read in any RSS reader. Automatically downloading/synching the file to iTunes/WindowsMedia/etc. is another matter. The latest version of FeedDemon (one of the best RSS readers IMHO) has podcasting support built in, and others are adding it.

    I don’t expect to see RSS or Podcasting support in Outlook anytime soon.

    Mozilla Thunderbird does email and RSS and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Podcasting support appear soon (as a plugin or built-in).

  • Most PODcast clients just care about the enclosures and totally ignore entries’ body, even more.
    Too bad.
    There’s no need of extra apps, just to ad the support of enclosures (considering that there’s no hyperlink in the body) and a download manager (considering that there’s no browser).