Hurricane Charley: A Retrospective

Hurricane Charley Summary & History

Hurricane Charley hit Florida on Friday, Aug 13, 2004. The storm came ashore near Captiva and Punta Gorda with 150 mph winds and as a category 4 hurricane.

I had just begun blogging when Hurricane Charley came to Orlando. So what did I do? I liveblogged as much as possilbe! Come relive Hurricane Charley as I saw it.

Before Charly

During Charley

After Charley

More 2004 Florida Hurricanes

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  • Charley was the one that was such a near miss to us that I’m still shaking my head in amazement over it turning. I woke up that morning, walked out to the computer and went to the national hurricane center storm tracker, I think my exact words when I saw that it was heading directly at us was “holy crap!” In any case, I promptly posted an entry on my blog with the title “Holy Crap, It’s the Big One.” After reading some more news and projections, I decided that I might as well get back to bed because if we’re going to get it, I might as well be well rested. I think that was the first time I was really truly scared of a storm. I woke up when my sister came into my bedroom to say “it turned, it’s heading south of us,” and while it was bad where it made landfall, if it hadn’t turned and had another hour to intensify it would have been so much worse.

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