Bracket Update #2

Well my two underdog schools I was pulling for have stopped dancing. But they both did great. Winthrop took Gonzaga to the end, and UCF really made a great comeback against UConn (cut it to 4 with seconds left). But alas, neither came out with a “W”.

My picks are doing pretty well. I’m tied for second in my group. I went 25-7 in the first round…but I already have 3 of my Sweet 16 out. D’oh! LSU, Kansas, and Syracuse all left early. On a personal level, I don’t care. But it hurts my brackets!

So, of the teams I’m tracking (besides my picks), only UCF & Winthrop are out. UF (who won because of an airball), UNC, NC State, Duke, Georgia Tech and Wake Forest all advanced. That makes my teams 6-2.

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  • Man, I tanked yesterday, missed 6 games. And 4 of my Sweet 16 are gone. Oh well, it’s the only time all year I watch basketball with any real level of interest, so it’s still fun!

  • Well — we’re still tied — but no longer in 2nd place. 5th place is not a fun place to be! As it stands now I’ll have 13in the sweet 16 and you’ll have 12! O well!

  • OK — we’re no longer tied:)