Mee-sa Goin’ Home!

I’m not really a Jar Jar fan, but that quote fits.

It’s been a good trip but I’m glad to fly home this morning. My wife misses me and I miss her.

But it’s been a good trip. I was able to visit a lot of folks (including 2 bloggers: Rev Mike and Steve Knight which I’ll post more about later), spend time with my nieces, hear my dad direct his brass ensemble from church (website coming soon?), and last night went with him to a concert put on by Furman University of John Williams music. The finale was the theme from Star Wars so maybe that’s why I’ve got Jar Jar on the brain. Ugh. Not the character I want in my head.

It was a good trip…but I’m ready to go home.

Sleestacks Commin’ Back

The Land of the Lost is coming to DVD next month and a movie based on the series is on the way…with Will Ferrell as Rick Marshall (maybe)! I can’t wait. I love the sleestacks!

What? You don’t remember what a “sleestack” is? Apparently you didn’t grow up like me, watching The Land of the Lost in the late 70?s. What? Still don’t remember? From the FAQ on

Land of the Lost is about the Marshall family; Rick the dad, Will the son and Holly the pig tailed daughter. While on a camping trip in the great outdoors, an earthquake sends their little yellow raft plummeting down a huge waterfall into a land that time forgot. You have your dinosaurs, your giant insect men, and your ape folks, it’s quite the scene.

So, back to the question of the sleestack. They were green lizard men in the show. They

…were tall, thin and used little crossbows with skill that hasn’t been seen since Kevin Costner tried to speak with an English accent in Robin Hood.

Go to the Land of the Lost website to learn more about one of the strange yet entertaining shows of the 70’s. See what a sleestack looks and sounds like too!

I know because the TV Squad told me so.

Internet Evangelism Day

April 24, 2005

Did you know…

  • 1 Billion people are online around the world?
  • Evangelism has no borders?
  • Effective online ministry is happening as you read this?

The following comments were recently emailed to evangelistic websites:

  • “how can I get a true and real bible…I am living in an Islamic country” ~ someone in Libya
  • “Thank you for this particularly enlightening article and chance to pray this prayer…felt ashamed and unworthy and let that get in the way of my prayer life. I hope this will be a new beginning for me…This has been a wonderful website for me to find. Thank you!” ~ Mary, Greenville SC
  • “Dear (name deleted), I’m not Christian yet, I’m reading a lot in the bible recently, to tell you the truth, he changed me, a lot a lot a lot…is my prays acceptable? I can’t go to church, my religion is very conservative they would kill me if they have seen me there…I love him so much…Thank you.” ~ someone in Jordan

For more information visit:

My wife and I minister with Campus Crusade for Christ International in Orlando, Florida where we use the internet effectively for ministry. I am also on the Internet Evangelism Day planning team. For more information on our ministry visit our homepage.

Visiting South Carolina

girlsWednesday I flew up to South Carolina where I grew up to visit some of our partners in ministry and of course to spend time with my family! Our nieces are so cute! We went for ice cream the other night and after they were full of sugar they were running around the shop. There isn’t a connection, is there?

A couple of funnies from them…

Lera Martha is the older one. We were watching a video and on the preview they said the movie had a soundtrack. She got all excited. “Soundtrak! Soundtrack?” I said, “What’s a soundtrack?” She said, “I don’t know. But it must be a sound…and a track.” Yup. It is exactly that!

Later during supper, Amelia wanted out of her chair but she couldn’t get out. She said, “I can’t get out!” My mom, trying to instill some manners to a two-year-old said, “Well, what do you say?” Without batting an eye, Amelia said strongly, “I’m stuck!” Yup. That’s what you say alright!

flowersThe other thing cool about being here in South Carolina is that the flowers are all in bloom and it’s beautiful. I took this one in my parent’s backyard.

Today I’m driving up to the Charlotte area to visit more friends and family…but won’t be up there long.

Tracking Airline Miles

Okay, I give up. I’ve been searching for a website that will monitor and list all the miles I have with different airlines, hotels, etc. I can’t find one…that’s free. I found one that charges $30/yr. Anyone know of a free one?

Yeah, yeah, I can just click and log into each website to check them, but I want them aggregated. Call me lazy. Or call me busy.