• A Fish

    I wonder if Adobe will become the MS of the internet / digital media production world? MS has a small stake in this, but not a big one. So, like areas MS dominates there might be little real competition — other than open source.

  • ha ha, a fish posted and now a salmon…
    i heard this news last night and it almost made me want to cry. i know thats really nerdy, but i used to handle the licensing in my previous job and macromedia was such a great company b/c they offered us charitable dicounts on their great products (and a really good discount too) whereas adobe offered nothing and their stuff was soo much more expensive.

    i worry now that they will extend their lack of graciousness towards non-profits to the macromedia software and our poor ministries will be further hooped…but i know, the Lord will provide if its needed. so maybe its inconsequential.

    two cents from thesalmon