Internet Evangelism Day

April 24, 2005

Did you know…

  • 1 Billion people are online around the world?
  • Evangelism has no borders?
  • Effective online ministry is happening as you read this?

The following comments were recently emailed to evangelistic websites:

  • “how can I get a true and real bible…I am living in an Islamic country” ~ someone in Libya
  • “Thank you for this particularly enlightening article and chance to pray this prayer…felt ashamed and unworthy and let that get in the way of my prayer life. I hope this will be a new beginning for me…This has been a wonderful website for me to find. Thank you!” ~ Mary, Greenville SC
  • “Dear (name deleted), I’m not Christian yet, I’m reading a lot in the bible recently, to tell you the truth, he changed me, a lot a lot a lot…is my prays acceptable? I can’t go to church, my religion is very conservative they would kill me if they have seen me there…I love him so much…Thank you.” ~ someone in Jordan

For more information visit:

My wife and I minister with Campus Crusade for Christ International in Orlando, Florida where we use the internet effectively for ministry. I am also on the Internet Evangelism Day planning team. For more information on our ministry visit our homepage.

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  • A great post about an important subject! Happy Internet Evangelism Day! You’ve been blogged!