Sleestacks Commin’ Back

The Land of the Lost is coming to DVD next month and a movie based on the series is on the way…with Will Ferrell as Rick Marshall (maybe)! I can’t wait. I love the sleestacks!

What? You don’t remember what a “sleestack” is? Apparently you didn’t grow up like me, watching The Land of the Lost in the late 70?s. What? Still don’t remember? From the FAQ on

Land of the Lost is about the Marshall family; Rick the dad, Will the son and Holly the pig tailed daughter. While on a camping trip in the great outdoors, an earthquake sends their little yellow raft plummeting down a huge waterfall into a land that time forgot. You have your dinosaurs, your giant insect men, and your ape folks, it’s quite the scene.

So, back to the question of the sleestack. They were green lizard men in the show. They

…were tall, thin and used little crossbows with skill that hasn’t been seen since Kevin Costner tried to speak with an English accent in Robin Hood.

Go to the Land of the Lost website to learn more about one of the strange yet entertaining shows of the 70’s. See what a sleestack looks and sounds like too!

I know because the TV Squad told me so.

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  • The only thing I remember about sleestack is that it’s “madness”!

  • So are the Sleestacks good or bad?

  • rob

    If I remember correctly, most were bad but there were a few that were good and helped the Marshalls.

    Sleestacks are probably just misunderstood.

  • Misunderstood? Do they need therapy? What do you mean?

  • rob

    I mean they are complex. Most are bad guys but I think some (at least one) is at least sympathetic to the Marshalls.

  • Gee thanks Rob!! Now that I saw that picture I get to have nightmares again about sleestacks like I did when I was little. Next you are going to have a picture of Witchypoo.