Backpack It

A new web based personal project management application has been released called Backpack. It looks pretty cool. Don’t know if I’ll use it because I live in Outlook too much. But what is interesting is that it is doing a lot of cool stuff for making it easy to manage your stuff online.

This got me thinking…what are your favorite online tools you like? There are plenty of social networking tools and applications online now. There’s, flickr, Yahoo! Groups, Blogger, Bloglines, and Yahoo! 360 to name a few. What have you found to be helpful and useful web applications or tools?

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  • Anonymous

    I’m excited to check out Backpack! My wife and I were just talking on a roadtrip to D.C. that there hasn’t been a great app created for this yet. And Bam! there it is.

    Anyway, I’m a user of Gmail, Flickr, Rojo and Kinja (although Kinja is phasing out, I think), Yahoo! Groups a little bit, iChat, etc.

    -Steve K.