Stu’s Broken Arm

Poor guy. He broke his arm. I haven’t done that in a long time.

When I was 4 I broke my right arm one summer day chasing the dog in the back yard. The gate to the backyard was up a slight hill and the gate would jingle when it opened. Our dog (named Doofus) would hide out under the shed in the back. I got a big kick out of jingling the gate and watching her make a break for it.

So one day I was chasing her with a stick. I don’t know why. Did I mention I was a 4 year old boy? Who knows what’s going on in their mind. So I jingled the gate, she came out, and I went flying. I landed on my right arm and snapped it.

Then when I was in 4th grade, I broke both arms at the same time. My buddy and I were jumping from the swing set to a branch about 10 feet off the ground, swing, and drop. We did it many times…except for the last time.

I jumped and grabbed the branch. It was a pine tree and the bark just rolled right off in my hands. I went flying up higher, did a half twist and landed “push up style”. Both arms below the elbow snapped. My nose hurt more than anything at the time.

The worst was when they put casts on both arms because they covered my elbows. I could only move my arms like C-3PO. It was a mess. About 2 weeks later they gave me a smaller cast so I could bend it.

Poor Stu.

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  • Yes — I remember it well!
    And — as I remember — it — Doofus had “taken” a squash from the garden and you were chasing her “to get it back”. That part of the story may truly be apocraphal, though. You know how my older sister and I are about remembering things that really don’t matter!

  • Anonymous

    AMEN! Guess Who?

  • I broke my arm at pre-school. I was sitting on the bottom (yes, the bottom) of the slippery dip (you probably know it as a slide), then fell off, breaking my arm.

    My sister tripped over a mat whilst playing blind man’s bluff and broke her arm.

    My brother, fell into a 6ft deep car pit, and just winded himself. He’s since played in-line hockey and is now into off-road motorcross, and is yet to break anything.

    Go figure