Crazy Week Over

Man that was a crazy week. But it was good. Friday afternoon at work someone commented to me, “Seems like Mondays are crazy around here”. I replied, “Yes they are. I’ve had a Monday all week so I’m going home now.”

Seriously, I was either in a seminar, leading a meeting, or in a meeting for 28 of 40 work hours this week. And that doesn’t include a dinner meeting and hosting a co-worker at our home. Most of the 12 free work hours were from 8-9 or 4-5 a few days and combining 30 minutes here and there in the week.

It was a good week though, just crazy.

One funny thing about the off-site all-day seminar on Wednesday was when we got to the building, we went upstairs to the 4th floor. When we walked off the elevator, a guy in a reception office off to the side saw us and pointed and simply said “You’ll want to turn right down the hall. It’s 401.” So we went and put our stuff down. Then I walked back to the elevators and the same guy saw me and said, “Now you’ll want to take another right. It’s right there.” How did he know I was looking for the bathroom (or as my Canadian co-worker would say, the ‘washroom’)? Guess he’s answered the same questions all morning and just knew I would ask the same.

I just thought it was funny.

The other thing was The Amazing Race finished this week, Survivor ends tomorrow, and The Apprentice almost finished this week. To catch up on my thoughts on them all, check out Although I’ve neglected this blog this week, I didn’t neglect it!

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  • Your week was a lot like mine!

    I was happy with The Amazing Race finish. I thought it was an unexpected ending with Uchenna and Joice pulling it off. I like their integrity at the end of paying off the cabbie.

    I am cheering for Kendra in The Apprentice, but both her and Tanna have been awesome all the way through and they both deserve a win after the teams Donald stuck them with for the last task.

    I still don’t know how Survivor will play out. I just don’t want Tom to win. The girls should have gotten rid of him while they had the opportunity last week. I guess I’m cheering for Ian, although he messed up this week by taking Tom on the Corvette ride. It made him too many enemies with the ladies, although they haven’t been able to work as a team yet anyhow. It will be a good finale.

  • rob

    Rick, you’re a sucker for reality? I didn’t know that! Come on by and drop some comments!