LA Trippin’

I’m wanting to plan a week-long trip to LA for my wife and I in October. Any suggestions on what to do? We’ll rent a car so we can drive around a bit.

I’m also going to try out the free service BackPack for this.

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  • A visit to my home town! October is the perfect time to visit Disneyland! I know that Disneyworld must be your favorite, but trust me the original is the best! If you let me know the dates you will be in town and if you want to go to Disneyland I can set you up with a dinner at Disney’s Club 33. My brother is one of the 400 members. There is more information here:

    Dinner is expensive, running about $60 a piece, but it includes free admission to both parks.

    You also have to see the Santa Monica Beach Pier, Griffith Park Observatory, and Universal Studios. I’ll probably think of more later and post another comment.

  • Going to GodBlogCon are ye? 😉

  • rob

    Yup. You?