I learned a new word Friday at work. It’s triperspectival. It it basically means talking about something from 3 different but related perspectives. Or triperspectival means that you can’t fully understand one without an idea of the other two.

Google doesn’t know the definition, but as of this post they index 19 sites for triperspectival.

We’ll see how long it takes for there to be 20…and where this post will sit in the listings. If you want to post about the word triperspectival, be sure to link back to this post with that word as the link.

I want the Google market on triperspectival!

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  • Well — as of Monday morning at 6:30 you are #1 out of “about 22”! I’m getting ready to give you a link! 🙂

  • So you like that word Rob? Let’s try out a few more. In devos yesterday Keith was talking about the 100% issue in dealing with God’s role and man’s role in Christian living. In relation to the nature of God, this same concept is called “hypostatic union” which might prove interesting in goole search. Other fun words are “salvific” and “fructified” meaning realted to salvation and being fruitful respectively. Let me know if you can get to #1 using these two.