Too Busy

Man, I’m just too busy. Too busy to sleep. Too busy to blog (gasp!). Too busy to even go see Star Wars III! I had hoped to go tonight, but alas. I’m stuck watching Bo beat out Carrie. If you know what that means, you’re as bad as I am.

Then I read Stu’s Rants: Anakin’s Rest, which is a great post on resting. Only trouble is that he says:

Rest is awaking from a nap to enjoy a quiet walk in the cool of the day.

Bummer. There isn’t a “cool of the day” in Orlando.

No wonder I’m so busy…and tired!

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  • Yeah, there’s no resting in the summer in Orlando then.

  • I hope you get a chance to take a break soon. – AC

  • how about taking a nap in your boxer shorts in front of the open door of your refrigerator while watching Star Wars V?

  • rob

    LOL @ Grant!

    Though the image is appalling, the idea is quite heavenly!