• Rob,
    Great Blog! Much more well developed than mine.
    I finally got on Skype and I’m thinking we’ll go with Vonage when we move to Boston. I gotta be sure we can get broadband though.

  • rob

    Thanks! If you want a referral for a free month, let me know!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t use Vonage! I recently signed up for Vonage and I have spent 2 hours trying to set up the router they gave me to work with my PC. After 2 hours I spoke to their Customer Service and they were useless. A few issues:

    1) Don’t take this the wrong way, but their Customer Service is in India and, unlike Dell’s service from India, this group was difficult to understand and noy knowledgeable at all.

    2) Any service calls are not logged, so you need to remind every technician of the same problem. It is a huge waste of time. In addition, one technician would say he would send me an e-mail with instructions for my router…he did not!

    3) The router and system itself is a nightmare. The router Vonage used should be easy to set-up and connect , but nooooo.

    Please save yourself the effort. Everything about this service as been horrible.


  • rob

    Boy, I hate it that you had bad service with them. To be fair, I have not needed to call them but once and my service was good.

    I do know that they don’t work with AOL for Broadband…but don’t tell you that up front. That’s a bad customer service problem!

    But we’re very satisfied customers.

  • use vbuzzer instead, you’ll save more.