Worst Faux Pas Ever

At the funeral I went to last week was the worst, most disrespectful thing I’ve ever seen heard.

You know how bad it is when someone is talking on a cell phone in the bathroom or movie?

This is what I heard while someone was telling a story about the departed during the service:

Ring. Ring. Ring.

“Hello? Hi. No. I’m in a funeral now. Okay.”


I was sitting in the middle of the church and this conversation was in the back. I heard it quite well.


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  • I must agree.
    Of course — you have heard about the guy who took a call on his cell phone during a church service — and the preacher said:
    “Unless that’s Jesus on the line — hang it up!”
    Funny — but does not excuse funeral faux pas!

  • Ugh….how tacky. Let this serve as a reminder to those of us that carry cell phones, please turn them off (or set them to vibrate) when appropriate. If set to vibrate, only answer at appropriate times.

    Bill, that joke reminds me of the movie Dead Poet’s Society, which is set at an all boy’s boarding school. In the middle of an assembly, one of the students picks up a ringing phone, and says to the headmaster, “Sir, it’s God on the line, He thinks we should admit women at [name of school].”