I had to get blood drawn yesterday. I know it’s not a big deal, but for some reason I’m a part of that small portion of society that has a hard time with it. Though I’ve never passed out, I often get flushed and feel faint.

So yesterday as I’m lying there complaining that I have a hard time with it, the nurse tries to comfort me with story. She once was working with a big guy who had tattoos all over his arm. When she stuck him for the blood draw, he passed out.

I figure that’s how he ended up with his entire arm covered in tattoos instead of just a “I love Mom” tattoo.

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  • I was just looking through random blogs and saw this post. I am part of that small percentage of people that can’t stand needles either. Just for the record, it feels a whole lot better when you pass out so just let your body do it. I have passed out once and don’t remember getting the needle when I woke up.